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The Beastiary

A lion, a tortoise, and a peacock begin to doubt their Zookeeper’s good-nature when their mates are abducted and singled out for ‘special attention.’



The Buffoon

In Medieval France, a rogueish nobleman, Henri, is disgraced and banished by his brother, Le Duc. When he meets a gruesome band of fellow exiles in the forest, he learns of an opportunity to clown his way to vengeance – Bouffant Day!




Poe Green and the Ghost Machine

In America’s dustbowl, amateur inventor Poe Green looks for a way to communicate with the speech-less ghosts inhabiting his town.


Jabez Flintwick, Salem Patriot

Preparing for revolution, Captain Jabez Flintwick of the Continental Army seeks recruits in Salem, Massachusetts. Instead, he runs headfirst into the town’s dark history… and his own.


The Plague Clowns

Seeking the fortune promised by a mysterious contest, the remaining members of three disparate, travel-worn, Renaissance theatrical troupes must band together to perform for the Eastern European town of Pal Gol and its enigmatic Master of Revels.





bruff_blimp2Bruff Taxwynd, Sky Sailor

In old New York, Bruff Taxwynd, an ex-con sailor and part-time pugilist, confronts a long-lost relative, his own humiliating past, and the looming winds of the future.






Carver Cranebottom, Bone Detective

In Victorian England, eccentric crypto-anthropolgist Carver Cranebottom is brought onto a murder-theft case involving some enormous missing bones.






Chatter & Lore!

Meet the creators of Rude Alchemy, hear bonus stories from the universe, and play along with games like Weird History!







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Thanks to Don Swenson for the Carver sketch, Oriana Carciente for the Bruff image, and Lauren Gibson for the photos!